Lazy Lester, 2008, (c) Neil Ladner

Lazy Lester, 2008, (c) Neil Ladner

Welcome to The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation!

The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation works to ensure that the unsung heroes of American music are given their due: celebrated, included, and remembered, but most of all, heard.

The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation began with an annual blowout show, triumphantly returning hundreds of the architects of blues, R&B, soul, rockabilly and garage rock.

The Organization

The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation (PSF) is a 501(c) (3), not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to celebrating the legacy, revitalizing the careers and preserving the history of American music and musicians.

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The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation works to acknowledge, pay tribute to, and teach the cultural significance of the unsung heroes and heroines of rock-n-roll, rhythm & blues and other forms of American roots music – while they are still alive. We provide both a voice and a stage to overlooked sidemen, session musicians and other influential pioneers whose contributions have shaped American culture for over 50 years.

Early music forms, such as blues, soul, rockabilly, swamp pop, funk and New Orleans R&B, are the building blocks of rock and roll, hip hop and other contemporary music styles. Many of us sing along to songs made popular by musicians as varied as Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, the Rolling Stones, the Ramones, and the Velvet Underground. But sometimes the most unforgettable parts of a song come from the behind the scenes architects, not the face on the album cover.


Yet many of these musicians aren’t recognized for their contributions to contemporary popular culture.

With many of these unsung heroes aging, it is essential to honor and capture their pioneering cultural contributions for generations to come. And, it is with this sense of urgency and profound respect for the individuals and their music that the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation continues its work to:

  1. Celebrate the legacy of the unsung heroes of American music whose influence and contributions have shaped American culture for over 50 years;
  2. Help revitalize the musical careers of these American music icons while they’re still alive;
  3. Preserve the individual’s story behind American music history and educate young and old audiences, fans, and students about their work.

The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation achieves its mission through the presentation of unique and varied programming, ranging from music education initiatives in public schools and museums to an oral history project to the signature annual concert event, The Ponderosa Stomp. The results are long-term, with many Stomp performers going on to record new music and book gigs at local, national, and international events.

History of The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation

Scotty Moore at one of the first Stomp Concerts in 2003 at Rock N Bowl, New Orleans. Image (c)Joseph A. Rosen

Musician and Advisory Board member Scotty Moore, at one of the first Stomp Concert’s in 2003 at Rock ‘N’ Bowl, New Orleans. Image (c) Joseph A. Rosen

Originally named MK Charities, Inc, the PSF was started by rock ’n’ roll aficionados and members of the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau, who considered it their mission to rediscover America’s overlooked musical pioneers of the blues, soul, rockabilly, swamp pop, funk, and New Orleans R&B who wrote, produced, arranged and played on songs that are embedded in our consciousness, though the artists’ names may not be.

Since its inception in 2001, we have put on countless shows employing musical legends giving a forgotten generation of musicians a platform to perform – and reeducate – the public about their pioneering cultural contributions.